I Failed and Went to Prision, Now What?

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I failed and went to prison. Now what?

Crystal: When most people think about prison, they think about men. However, there is a drastic increase of women in prison. What failure (crime) led you to prison?

Miz Author T: Searching for a solution to a problem and fast money are the reasons I ended up in prison.

Crystal: What are the conditions in a female prison?

Miz Author T: The conditions are no better in female prisons than in male prisons. Countless women sitting there without proper healthcare or ways to provide to take care of themselves. A lot of women find themselves doing things they would later regret just to get toothpaste and feed themselves or simply wash their clothes!

Crystal: How did you spend your time in prison?

Miz Author T: I, basically, stayed to myself. I wrote and prayed, asking God to shield me from some of the wickedness. I felt like I was sitting behind the gates of hell! However, I did meet some awesome women who had stories that captivated my mind.

Crystal: How long were you in prison?

Miz Author T: I spent two and a half years behind the gate. 

Crystal: What advice do you give young women about prison?

Think hard and long before you make your next decision because some women never see daylight ever again.  No one wants to see their children one week and the next week, you have expired (deceased).  The life behind the gate is no picnic in the park. Remember, it will have a long-term effect it will have on your life. I’m an ex-offender for life, but it doesn’t define me for we all deserve a second chance!

Crystal: In today’s “ride-or-die chick” society, how do you convince young women not to get caught up in their partner’s crimes? 

Miz Author T: When I see a I’m ride-or-die chick, I shake my head because she doesn’t realize this action could cost her her freedom. There is no man, or person, worth giving up my freedom ever again to sit in an environment where I have to wake up and go to bed at someone else’s command. Think hard before you allow what you think is going to get rich or make you popular cost you everything; your sanity, children, home, and family.

Crystal: How old were your children when you went to prison? Did you feel you failed them by going to prison? How did they cope with your incarceration? 

Miz Author T: My children were 27, 26, 25, 16 and 14. Yes, I did fail them because of my actions and decisions. I was so hurt I let my children down. I should have known better, but sometimes before we think things through clearly, the damage has already been done. So, I had to walk through my own issues. My children took it extremely hard and to this day, fault me for things that happened while I was away. Sometimes the damage is irreparable. So, I sit and wait on God to heal them so we can move forward with building our relationship again.

Crystal: Many prisoners return to prison, how have you managed to stay out of the prison system?

Miz Author T: Prison was never a goal I set, but I believe I went there by God’s intervention to get me to see my self-worth and strength. It allowed me to see some things in me that needed to be repaired. I had to take that time to heal myself and learn to love me. Going back to prison will never be an option I explore. Now, I go to prisons to share my testimony to prepare women for the aftermath of Living Free and never looking back!

Crystal: What have you learned from your failures?

Miz Author T: Rely on God’s grace and understand how to adhere to the spirit because it does guide you. Remember, we will not have it all, but if we just wait patiently, all things shall be provided to us.

Crystal: What is your greatest fear?

 Miz Author T: The children of today will not see the damage their causing themselves. If or when they’re lost (in prison), they won’t be able to see daylight ever again. The prison system wants to take as many of us (African-Americans) off the streets as they can.

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