See Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


The way my dreams are set up…The things I dream about. Think about. Write about daily…are beyond anything I thought I could ever imagine. The paths my dreams are taking me on are mind blowing. I don’t know how to explain it. I can’t share it with many because people just won’t understand. They would say:  what makes you think you can do that, who do you think you are, or how are you going to pay for that? I know who I am; I know whose I am; and I know the money will come. So, while I wait, I will write the vision, the scripts, the books, and the plays. For I know, like it always does, the money will come.

If your dreams are so wild you feel you can’t share them with anyone out of fear that they will shut them down, I encourage you to do the following:

1.  Write it down.

2.  Visualize it. You can visualize it by taking a picture of an object that brings the dream to life. Create a small vision board on a piece of paper that is for your eyes only.

3.  Start doing something towards making the dream a reality.

I encourage you to live, laugh, and love. Life is too short not to live your wildest dreams. Your dreams are just wild enough to come true.


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