I Failed at Weight Loss, Now What?

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I Failed at Weight Loss, Now What?

Crystal: How would you describe your relationship with food?

Shanaya: Food and I are best-friends. We do everything together. We go to parties, concerts, and visit other friends. Food is there for me when I’m sad, happy, or angry.

Crystal: How often have you failed at weight loss?

Shanaya: I was born 10.5 pounds. I have always been “big-boned”. As I got older, I became thick. Then, big but curvy. Then, I was called plus size. I have always struggled with weight loss. I kept trying since the kids would not stop cracking on me as a fat girl with bumps on her face. By the fifth grade, garbage pail kids came out and it was this oversized, female with glasses and bumps on her face that the kids would call me and throw that card at me. So, for over 30 years, I have failed at it.

Crystal: Do you believe weight loss is not just a physical struggle, but a mental one, too?

Shanaya: Yes. Anything you want to achieve starts at the mental level. You have to make the decision first, to do something. Then, understand why you want to make it happen. Then, you can manifest or physically make it happen.

Crystal: How is your current weight effecting your life?

Shanaya: Any time I get over a certain weight, which is 250lbs, it just gets harder to move around. My knees always ache, and I do not move around with ease. I stay bloated and gassy. My face doesn’t clear up; I have headaches; my nerves are bad; my sleep patterns are off; and I have plenty of mood swings.

Crystal: What role does nutrition play in your balance and weight loss goals?

Shanaya:  Nutrition plays the biggest role in the quality of life you live. Food is medicine. It has cured my headaches, back pains, hair loss, mood swings, mood improvement, sleep patterns, and fueled my weight loss. When I learned what nutrition MY body needed to heal all those “symptoms”, I was then able to get to the real issue.

Crystal: Does stress play a part in how you manage your weight and how you balance your life? 

Shanaya: Stress is another symptom of bad nutrition. It determines how we see our world and how we respond to it.

Crystal: What have you learned from your failures?

Shanaya: I have learned from my failures that I am LIVING. That in order to have a failure, I had to attempt to make something happen.

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