Hidden Figure: Maxine Garland


Hidden Figure: Maxine Garland

Crystal:  Tell us about what you do?

Maxine: I am a God fearing woman, who found my purpose in life is to help others. That is my love and passion. God has blessed me with a ministry called TALK GIRL TALK. It is a ministry where we provide free pampers and wipes to parents monthly; slightly used clothing; toys; toiletries and household items from the TGT Dry Pantry, as needed; Bibles and gifts to the residents in nursing home/ assist living on holidays; resources/referrals, as needed; and encouraging and uplifting words during teleconferences on the 2nd Friday of each month. The conference number is 712-432-6100 and enter Pin# 12489780.

Crystal:  What is the mission of your organization?

Maxine: To Encourage, Pray, Inform and always Commit to helping the hurting, lost and those who may have fallen on tough times to bring them hope, love and caring. Also uplIft and supporT other ministries and organizations. {#EPIC IT}

Crystal:  When did you create Talk Girl Talk?

Maxine: TGT was birthed in 2014.

Crystal:  What motivates you to serve your community?

Maxine: I am a people person and always find myself helping others, taking in others into my home, and always crying and praying with others. It seems like people are drawn to me for help. I believe it is my purpose and God’s plan for my life.

Crystal:  What is the greatest reward for what you do?

Maxine: When I see smiles on the hurting faces, when others shed tears of joy for receiving God, seeing children be children by having fun, and the hugs and Thank-Yous. My reply always is, “It was God. I am just the vessel.”

Crystal:  Why did you choose to serve mothers?

Maxine: Not only mothers, but single parents. It could also be a single father. We will embrace them with love also. While raising my children, there were very little or no help being a single young parent. My goal is for TGT to be an outreach ministry and a support system within the communities.

Crystal:  One of the events Talk Girl Talk host is a pamper drive. From your experience, how many women lack a sufficient supply of pampers?

Maxine: Monthly, we go to different cities and counties in the state of Georgia. We help at least 20 families a month that lack supplies.

Crystal:  How do you decide where to host your events?

Maxine: We, Gloria and I, decide as God leads us. We distributed pampers and wipes from the trunk of our cars when we first started. We are now receiving calls requesting TGT to come to different communities to host a free Pamper Drive.

Crystal:  How can the community donate supplies to your organization?

Maxine: The community can send a check or money order to P.O. Box 1537, Loganville, Ga, 30052. We can also make arrangements to pick up donations by contacting 470-535-3795 or 678-938-7353.

Crystal:  What does a Talk Girl Talk event look like?

Maxine: It’s like a family gathering. We set up different tables:  one table is for the free clothes give away, one table is for the resource center, and the other table is for the free pampers and wipes. We always open up and end with a prayer. In between, there is a lot of fun. There are lots of hugs, smiles, and talking and sharing the word of God. We also help with referrals and resources.

Crystal:  What do you know now that could have helped when you first started?

Maxine: When I first started in 2014, I was always questioning… “Why did that happen?”, “How did you become…?”, and “You should have…” This ministry has taught me not to judge others, but only to give and show love.

Crystal:  What is one of your favorite memories from a Talk Girl Talk event?

Maxine: Sharing the journey/the walk Talk Girl Talk has endured and embraced during the years with others.

Crystal: Do you partner with other organizations?

Maxine: Yes. Since 2014, TGT has collaborated with many other ministries and organizations. Meeting people with the same walk/mission of ministry and organization is a blessing.

Crystal:  Who is your Hidden Figure/mentor?

Maxine: My Mother, Irma P. Campbell, instilled the true value of love, caring and humbleness toward others in each one of her children. I love and miss her so much. RIP mommy.

Crystal:  What is your favorite book?

Maxine: My Prayer Journey by Maxine Garland

Crystal:  What words of inspiration can you leave the audience?

Maxine: TGT’s motto is Positive WALK + Positive TALK = Positive ACTIONS

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