Hidden Figure: Silvia Carol Grant


Hidden Figure: Silvia Carol Grant

Crystal: Who is Silvia Carol Grant?

Silvia:  Silvia Carol Grant is a pillar of strength, hope and guidance for many adolescent girls (and their families) in the West Palm Beach community. For the past decade, Silvia has dedicated her time, love, and service to the outreach of young girls and teens. Her passion for at risk youth (particularly young ladies) is seen in every avenue of her life. Having tirelessly and enthusiastically worked in alternative education for the last 10 years, Silvia is the shining example of a dedicated educator and an irreplaceable counselor. Most recently, Silvia has taken her passions beyond the workplace by establishing The Priceless Pearls Youth Ambassadors, Inc. This program is aimed at helping middle and high school girls deal with both the difficult transition into adolescence and the pressures of being a young teen. Having received an overwhelming response from her community, Silvia’s vision and mission to “Transform Young Ladies into Model Citizens” is now filling a valid need in the Palm Beach area.

The Priceless Pearls Youth Ambassadors have made quite a name for themselves throughout their community. There are 13 members served by 2 Youth Advisors and have several young ladies wait listed.

While creating community and leadership opportunities for these young ladies, Silvia participates in many service endeavors and includes her mentoring program in many of them. She volunteers with a variety of service projects in Palm Beach County; participates in The Caps of Love Program; recently partnered with the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County; holds informational sessions on the eradication of cancer and volunteers for the Susan G. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure annually; and distributing literature and serves as an “Honor Guard” for the Survivor Ceremony. Among other honors, she’s a member of Shiloh Family Worship Center, The Palm Beach County Chapter of The Charmettes, Inc., The Order of the Eastern Star, PHA and a Life Member of the Bethune-Cookman College Alumni Association.

Silvia received her high school diploma from Suncoast Community High School, holds a BA in Speech Communication & Theatre Arts from Bethune-Cookman College, and a MS in Psychological Studies with a concentration in School Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.  She is a counselor, dedicated to the growth and encouragement of young girls, at Pace Center for Girls in Palm Beach (Alternative Ed.). When she is not working, she participates in community activities and motivates youth, teachers and administrators on the importance of mentoring, leadership and giving back.  In her spare time, Silvia enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering and inspiring others to discover their passions through service.

Crystal: What have you learned from the girls you mentor?

Silvia: I’ve learned that the girls I mentor want and need consistency in their lives and by me investing my time with them monthly they get that and so much more.

Crystal: What is Priceless Pearls Youth Ambassadors, Inc?

Silvia: Priceless Pearls Youth Ambassadors, Inc. provides tools to produce, strengthen and empower invaluable young ladies, while fostering love, engaging in service and promoting cultural awareness, education and social transformation. However, the ultimate mission is to “Transform Young Ladies Into Model Citizens”.

Crystal: Your three principles are: Love, Friendship and Service. What do these words mean to you and your organization?

Silvia: Love, Friendship and Service are the brightest moments of our life. They become the source of joy and positive energy.

Crystal: What does the quote “dream the impossible dream” mean to you?

Silvia: It means to identify a picture of the future that energizes your mind, your will and emotions that empowers you to do everything you can to achieve something beyond your reach. A dream worth pursuing is a picture and blueprint of your purpose and potential. Remember, “Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.”

Crystal: What is your dream for the girls and young women you mentor?

Silvia: My dream for the girls and young women I mentor is for them to be successful at any goal they set to accomplish and to be all that God has called them to be!

Crystal: We all have the ability to serve. How can your community help your organization?

Silvia: I believe my community would be a great asset to my organization by investing their time and treasure.

Crystal: What is the greatest challenges facing girls and young women today?

Silvia: The greatest challenges facing girls and young women today are the pressures to have pre-marital sex, the disproportion effects of social media, empowerment, negative attitudes, health issues, exclusion and discrimination, the lack of basic life skills to become self-sufficient in life and the void of having influential women pouring into their lives daily.

Crystal: Why do you engage in philanthropic activities?

Silvia: I engage in philanthropic activities because of my altruistic impulse and because philanthropy is a learned behavior. At an early age, I was taught to give back. I was taught to care and to demonstrate love to all mankind, no matter of race, gender, ethnicity, diversity and social or economic status.

Crystal: How do you define philanthropy?

Silvia: I define philanthropy as the “love of humanity” in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing one’s life.

Crystal: What challenges do you see in your community?

Silvia: The challenges I see in my community is faith in God, violence, negative behaviors modeled in the homes of children, health care, inadequate access to higher education, a need for affordable housing, a lack of public trust in government and the need for homeless shelters.

Crystal: How did Hidden Figures impact your life?

Silvia: Hidden figures impacted my life by assuring me that working together is the key to successful outcomes.

Crystal: Did you know the hidden figures story prior to the movie?

Silvia: No

Crystal: Who is your Hidden Figure/mentor?

Silvia: My Hidden Figure and mentor is my godmother Stephanie Rolle. She’s an amazing woman of God who defines extraordinary, integrity and unconditional love at its ultimate leisure. Throughout the years, she has been a great counselor, advisor and most importantly my spiritual mom. My godmother gives of herself selflessly to all she encounters. She goes over and beyond in the spirit of excellence to produce greatness at all levels. An entrepreneur, counselor, philanthropist, giver, confidant, and role-model are just a couple of significant roles she exemplifies. But most of all she carries what God has given me in her heart.

Crystal: In the movie, sisterhood was key to the women’s success. How does sisterhood play a role in your organization?

Silvia: Sisterhood plays a key role in my organization. It’s something that’s understood without saying a word. It’s a connection deeper than words. It’s a full, deep history that will be passed down to every young lady that joins this circle of friendship. It’s faith, courage, love, strength, team work and a strong bond of beautiful young ladies making a difference and understanding their value to one another. The sisterhood is capturing each other’s hearts and embracing change.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite quote?

Silvia: Be the change you want to see in the world!

Crystal: What is your favorite book?

Silvia: My favorite book is The Complete Collected Poems, by Maya Angelou.

Crystal: What words of inspiration can you leave the audience?

Silvia: Always aspire to inspire someone and know that God will always provide you with what you need to conquer anything. Set your limitations in the realm of the spirit and know that your obedience will always produce the results you need.

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  1. Silvia Grant, is dedicated to public service, to her community, and to her church. She is definitely a hidden figure but, thanks to this article, she wont be hidden for much longer.

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