Hidden Figure: Nakia White


Hidden Figure: Nakia White

Crystal: How would your students describe you?

Nakia: My students would say that I’m firm, but fair.

Crystal: Why did you choose a career in education?

Nakia: There were so many teachers who believed in me throughout my academic career. I just knew that I could provide that type of encouragement and love to my own students.

Crystal: Your students praise you as a mentor. How does mentorship impact students in and out of the classroom?

Nakia: As a mentor, I pray that my students will remember the nuggets of wisdom I give to them when faced with a challenging situation or obstacle.

Crystal: What is the greatest need in the education system?

Nakia: It is time that politicians volunteer to teach classes. They impact so much of what is done in our buildings, it is time to witness the struggle.

Crystal: What is the greatest misconception?

Nakia: The biggest misconception about education is that teachers are lucky to have summers off. A lot of us work summer programs; attend professional development opportunities; complete graduate school courses; and spend time locating resources to use during the upcoming school year.

Crystal: As a Social Studies teacher, how do you address your student’s questions and concerns regarding social issues?

Nakia: When addressing social issues with my students, I like to provide them with all of the perspectives. Teachers never want to isolate students. It is beneficial to know what they believe and why.

Crystal: Who was your favorite teacher? What impact did they have on your life?

Nakia: I do not have a favorite teacher because they all impacted my life tremendously. I didn’t realize that I was what you would call an at-risk youth until I became an educator. All of my teachers in Charleston County School District left an imprint on my life.

Crystal: What have you learned from your students?

Nakia: I have learned that all students need good teachers. Sometimes educators wonder if they will impact their clientele. Believe me, YOU WILL.

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