Next Time

Next Time

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“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.”

-Thomas Edison

If you don’t believe in yourself, every time and opportunity presents itself, you will say, no, maybe next time. As I prepared for my first stage play, I wanted to run, hide, and cry. I wanted to say, next time. I was scared. I thought this crazy dream had finally become too much. Call it quits! Cancel! When it snowed two days before the play, I thought, maybe this is a sign; maybe next time. I was terrified, but I am a fighter and I pushed next time out of my head, wiped my tears, prayed, and got it together.

I had given myself this opportunity and I was going to enjoy it and be a successful at it. I’d paved the way for my dreams to come true. I paved the way to create new dreams, new challenges, new goals. Next time was not a part of that dream. My fears weren’t greater than my dreams.

There is no, NEXT TIME. The time is NOW!

NEXT TIME may never come. If you give in to NEXT TIME, think of what may happen to the dreams of those counting on you. One of the actors in my stage play, ‘Tis the Season, was my daughter. If I quit, will that send her a message that she should quit. If I gave in to NEXT TIME, what will happen to her dreams.

The people in your life may think you are crazy. They will try to discourage you. They will say you are wasting your time, but only you can account for your time. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “who do you think you are, Tyler Perry?” I would have a nice savings account.

My answer is always, no. I am not Tyler Perry. I am Crystal Holmes Myers. Then I tell them, Tyler Perry is a great example of not yielding to NEXT Time thinking.

Here are three things you can do to push passed NEXT TIME thinking:

  1. Write your goals. Statistics don’t lie. Writing down your goals is powerful. Writing down your goals will help you focus on them. Place you written goals in a place where you will see them. If you see it, you can visualize yourself doing it.
  2. Take action. Do something towards reaching your goals.
  3. Invest. Investment does not have to be a monetary. Invest in learning. Learn everything you can about what it is you want to do. Google, libraries, and magazines are free resources you can use to invest in your goal.

Take time to believe in you. I am working on my second stage play, Miracle; and my first web series, Handcuff. In addition to finishing several books. I do all of this because I no longer believe in NEXT TIME. I believe in NOW. I believe in myself and I believe in YOU. Take advantage of your time.

Live. Dream. Believe.

Much Love,





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