Hidden Figure: Jennifer Pinckney


Hidden Figure: Jennifer Pinckney

Crystal: Who is Jennifer Pinckney?

Jennifer: A quiet shy soul; widow of slain pastor/senator Clementa Pinckney; mother of 2 daughters – Eliana and Malana; librarian; enjoys hanging out with family and friends 

Crystal: What is the name of your organization?

Jennifer: SenatorPinckney.org Foundation

Crystal: How does your organization serve the community?

Jennifer: The foundation supports religious, educational, health care and charitable causes that Senator Pinckney had once supported. It also supports simple solution for gun control.

Crystal: What is your dream for the people you serve?

Jennifer: My dream is for the foundation to be a vital entity and household name worldwide.

Crystal: How does your organization align with your purpose?

Jennifer: Clementa was about helping those in need.  He was a voice for the voiceless.  I feel that anyone that can benefit from the foundation is better than not having it where no one benefits.

Crystal: Education and health care are two issues your organization focuses on. Why are those issues important to the communities you serve?

Jennifer: Many people aren’t receiving proper education or health care.  If you don’t live in a certain area with a certain income, then you have a tendency to receive the worst services. 

Crystal: As an advocate for changing gun laws, what change would you like to see?

Jennifer: Lengthen the wait time so that proper background checks can be done.  If you have a prior criminal record, mental illness, or you’re a known individual, group, or organization meant to do harm, you shouldn’t have access.  There should also be ways to close loop holes where people are getting guns illegally.

Crystal: As a survivor of a horrendous hate crime, has your view on the world change? How do you use your story to help others?

Jennifer: First I’ve come to realize that life is too short.  I have become more aware of issues such as gun control than ever before.  In spite of the crime, you can’t go around hating others and being afraid.  That’s what I tell and teach my daughters.  Yes you have to be careful and cautious but you still have to live.  Many people have approached me or I’ve heard that I have given them strength.  I put my trust and faith in God and that’s how I get through, plus my girls keep me going.  I help others by continuing to be the person that I’ve always have been and I speak the truth.

Crystal: What is your favorite quote?

Jennifer: “When life gets too hard to stand, kneel.”

Crystal: How do you define success?

Jennifer: Being able to give and receive love.  Being true to yourself and others.  Being able to help others. Accomplishing life goals.

Crystal: What words of inspiration can you leave the audience?

Jennifer: God will never leave you nor forsake you.  Pray continually. Be thankful.

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